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Coursework in Arts Essay

1. In Elisabeth Vigee-Lebruns ikon of the Queen of France, Marie-Antoinette, in the late 18th century, the queen is shown sitting with her collar children in a pissal gown at the edge of the dorm room of Mirrors. Colors that were used can be described as essenti eachy feminineshades of ruby, cherry, velvet, scarlet, and salmon yet darker colors were used in the crib of the first son to portray his death. From the colors of the moving-picture show, the queen come forwards to be sitting on a shiny spot, moreover around her is a darker, gloomier color that may portray danger to her and her children.Textures, on the other hand, appear to be soft and feathery, which shows wealth and comfort. The lines in the background are jibe and horizontal, which points to her straight, firm position in her seat. The position of the queen and her two children beside her form a straight cross beside the crib that looks like a cave. The eldest son alive who points to the crib may appear like th e backer beside the cave where Jesus was buried. The son was like saying, Youre looking for my associate? Hes non here anymore but has bygone up to the Father. On the other hand, the eldest son alive stands severely alone, which shows independence and strengtheven at an early age. The stairs in the background may mean political fame, but it was pictured to be darker and more shadowy above, so that it would be best for the queen to be where she iswith her children and her home (please see painting in the appendix). Formal elements show that this well(p) queen is a devoted motherfull of quiet high-handednessby the way the colors, the textures, the lines, the shapes, and the space interact with one another.The whole mise en scene portrays quietness, peacefulness, as well as acceptancethings that picture her as a good and pleasant organism. There is also the hint of wealth and extravagance, especially the portrayal of the Hall of Mirrors. In the overall, the painting is meant to give her a positive, submissive, and maternal aura. 2. John Singleton Copleys painting of Paul respect in 1768 is an role model of a Rococo painting. The Rococo style, which emerged in France, natureizes opulence, grace, and lightness, as seen in the painting (Figure 2 in the appendix).Copley used contrasting colors like down in the mouth (as the background) and white (as Reveres shirt) to put more emphasis on the main object. The lines, colors, and objects are all simple. Lines, especially in the head and in the table, are all parallel, which may point to neutralism and evenhandedness. It was said that Revere was blase in politics he wanted only to be neutral, which was not possible (Artchive, 2007). The eyes, on the other hand, portray innocence, knowledge, and fairness.The textures used are all smooth and shiny, which may also reflect opulence. It focuses on carefree juicy life, with direct reference on Reveres being a silversmithwith a piece of silverware on his hand. He was portrayed with such extravagance, as shown in the linen cloth, which at that time was not yet available in America and could only be trade to the land as well as the golden buttons that lay on his vest.However, the portrayal of flowing linen could pointnot to the linens of Englandbut to the end product of a hundred ells of linen in America during that time, which for Revere was something to be proud of. However, it is said that the painting is a sort of a fit act conducted by painter Copley (Artchive, 2007), especially that he is about to embrace one of the Clarkes who were owners of the notorious tea concession (Artchive, 2007).The silver teapot appears to be a large issue then, since only their enemiesthe Toriesdrank tea (the Whigs drank the Boston tea, which was a punch). Revere is shown as a neutral person who wears rich linen clothing, but which comes from his own land. He is holding a silverware teapot, which is one of his expertise, but points to the character of the enemies and to the business of the Clarkes with which Copley is about to share his life with. Therefore, Revere is neutral, as he is open to all.

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Critical Thinking: Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and “Person-In-Environment” (PIE) Essay

exact sentiment, what has happened to it? Is it apart of our daily weathers or is it a part of the past? sens you tell me the description of hyperdecisive thinking or would e very(prenominal) psyches response be different? Does todays science scram anything to do with critical thinking? How does evidence found institutionalise (EBP) and person-in-environment (PIE) relate to critical thinking? In this essay I forget answer all of these questions plus give you to a greater design information on the subjects. So, by the end of this essay you should have a clear savvy of critical thinking evidence based perform and person-in-environment.Lets start with the question of what has really happened to critical thinking? It looks like to me we live in a very complicated fast paced world, where we all have problems and issues and at times they are very hard to comprehend. Yet simmer down decisions have to be made. The interpretation of critical thinking goes as furthest back as the Socrates but in 1906 William Graham Sumner stated that the plan of critical thinking is the examination and test of propositions of any kind which are offered for acceptance, in order to find out whether they correspond to reality or not. He goes on to say that Men educated in it cannot be st angstrom uniteded.They are slow to believe. They can hold things as executable or probable in all degrees without certainty and without pain. They can appear for evidence and weigh evidence. They can resist appeals to their dearest prejudices. Another definition of critical thinking has been defined by Ku, K. (2009) as judging information, evaluating alternative evidence and arguing with solid reasons. (pg. 70) So it may seem alike many that this notion of critical thinking ( as well as embraced by educational theorists at the turn of the 20th century) is really declining in popularity in this freshly millennium.To others critical thinking, if somehow it became generalized in the wo rld, would produce a new and very different world, a world which increasingly is not only in our interest but is necessary to our survival. Now after researching the subject of critical thinking I find out a lot of more information. Such as critical thinking is two things. One is the situation examination of an sagacity or conclusion based on that special examination. Two is when presented with a question, problem, or issue of someones opinion or conclusion a creative formulation is formed.I also found out that the practice of reasoning is something critical thinking concentrates on. Practicing self-awareness, tolerating equivocalness when faced with ethical dilemmas, and applying knowledge gained from multiple sources are all gravestone components of critical thinking (Carey & McCardle 2011) Critical thinking is that mode of thinking about any subject, content, or problem in which the thinker improves the bore of his or her thinking by skillfully analyzing, assessing, and reconstructing it.Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes comply to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities, as well as a commitment to overcome our native self-concern and sociocentrism. (The Critical Thinking union 2011) Overall critical thinking proposes you deed on your thinking continuously, to make your thinking the object of every thought, to make your behavior the object of your own thinking to make your beliefs the object of your thinking.The extent to which any of us develops as a thinker is directly resolved by the amount of time we dedicate to our development, the quality of the intellectual practice we engage in, and the depth, or lack thereof, of our commitment to becoming more reasonable, rational, victorious persons. Now for is critical thinking apart of science? Yes, it surely is. In the develop ment of critical thinking science can be seen as the ultimate extension. Science entails thrusting ideas together and putting them to the test.The PIE system attempts to unfold the perspective, by placing psychiatric problems in a much broader context of hearty problems and challenges (Karls & Wandrei, 1994). This is a step forward, as there is some help to strengths in this model. It cannot be said to come from a strengths perspective, however, which would seem to invite a greater transformation and shift of focus. More importantly, this dichotomy is based on the illusory idea of therapeutic neutrality or transparency. That is, it assumes the practician has little influence on the experience or presentation of the client.No one is a critical thinker through-and-through, but only to such-and-such a degree, with such-and-such insights and blind spots, subject to such-and-such tendencies towards self-delusion. For this reason, the development of critical thinking skills and dis positions is a life-long endeavor. References Carey, M. & McCardle, M. (03/22/2011) Critical thinking, Journal of Social Work Education. Issue Spring-Summer, 2011 extension Volume 47 Source Issue 2 COPYRIGHT 2011 Council on Social Work Education ISSN 1043-7797 Karls, James M, & Wandrei, Karin E.(1992). PIE A new language for social work. Social Work, 37 (1), 80. Retrieved July 7, 2010 from the ProQuest database. Ku, K. (2009). Assessing students critical thinking mental process Urging for measurements using multi response format. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 4, 70-76. The Critical Thinking Community (2011) Our Concept and Definition of Critical Thinking. Retrieved from http//www. criticalthinking. org/pages/our-concept-and-definition-of-critical-thinking/411

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Aspects of Human Resource Management

Aspects of Human Resource Management The main condense of Human Resource Management is personnel and how they potful be outperform utilized to accomplish the mission of the organization based on some(prenominal) aspects of the department. These aspects be Equal Opportunity and assentient Action, Human Resource readying, movement and Selection, Human Resources Development, Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee and Labor Relations. Each ara serves a dual purpose of helping the employer provide a better environment to their employees and project the success of the comp all.This paper leave behind reflect on distributively aspect of military man choice concern and discuss how they work unneurotic to perform the primary function. Al nearly all aspects of human resource care are affected by Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws. These laws govern the human resource process of recruiting, selecting and promoting the best and most qua lified person for the job. It protects employees or potential recruits from discrimination based on race, color, g ender, age, religion or national origin (as cited by Youssef, 2012. Sec 1. 5).One eccentric of discrimination in the workplace would be an employer asking applicants to list their play d experience/ethnicity on an employment application with the intent to use that information for hiring purposes. This reference of business practice is illegal and can have damaging consequences practically(prenominal) as a class action lawsuit or a negative image on the organization. Decisions concerning all aspects of human resource management should be based score the best interest of the company. The more respective(a) a company is the more powerful it can operate because it brings impudently ideas and different perspectives to the table.Another important aspect of human resource management is preparedness. Planning is the process of setting a goal or travail, and determini ng whole tonicity by step how an organization ordain achieve those goals. In rear for an organization to achieve its strategic objectives it requires a lot of broadcastning. This major task is one of many functions performed by the human resources department. human resource planning is responsible for managing all matters relating to employees. They must accurately predict the number of employees the rganization will need in place to achieve the organizations strategic goals. Having too many or too little employees can stymie the organizations ability to operate efficiently, effectively and competitively. Once it is determined how many employees are needed, human resource staff must select qualified applicants to fulfil desired positions based on an employees knowledge, skill and abilities. Also, they must plan how to best utilize the workforces skills and talents in order to moderate a competitive advantage over their counterparts.Furthermore in relating to human resource p lanning, part of achieving an organizations goal is it must have the good amount of people to do the job and a plan on how to retain them once the selection process has occurred. For example, in order for the army to achieve its strategic objectives, it must have the right number of soldiers to follow through certain jobs or tasks. Like any other organization, in order to be considered for a position in the military, you must take an skill test to determine what jobs in the military would best suit your abilities.Based off how you score will determine what jobs you qualify for. This score is kn give as the Armed Forces Qualification Test Score and is important because it determines whether you can union the military service of your choice. Each branch of service has set their own minimum AFQT score. Another part of strategic planning in the military is retaining soldiers and in order to retain qualified soldiers they offer incentives such as sign-on bonuses, reenlist bonuses, assignment preferences etcHuman Development is another aspect that is essential to the management, training, and improvement of employees. At different stages of their careers, employees need different kinds of training. Human Resources Managements division is to provide this training to employees to sharpen their skills and the organizations capability. When the organization invests in improving the knowledge and skills of their employees, the investment is returned in the form of productivity and effective employees. As time passes and technology changes the role of training and development programs will be transformed.As employees, we need to be flexible and partake in around-the-clock learning. Also, updating your skill set will be critical to your individual(prenominal) and professional success. In order to measure the strong point of training, there are several steps you can take to ensure it works. The first step would be to ask for feedback from the employees once traini ng has been conducted. If the training does not look up to the actual job or is lacking pertinent information the employees feedback can help improve the training.The next measure to take to test the effectiveness of training is to administer a pre-test and post-test and compare the results. The pre-test will tell you how much knowledge the employee started with, and how much they really learned from the training at the end will be revealed with the post-test. The last step is to observe an employee work to dupe if what they learned in training is actually being applied to the job. Everyone has their own reason for working and money is usually the most important element because it pays the bills.However, employee benefits are equally as important to keeping employees motivated to work. health care speak tos can become extremely expensive, especially for those families with medical issues and having amends to cover those costs can benefit more than pay. Additionally, with inflat ion and the cost of living rising, people cannot afford to live off fond bail alone. A pension plan can help supplement social security benefits after retirement. Other types of employee benefits provide security for families in the payoff of disability or death.Human Resource Management has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Every organization should have policies and procedures established for integration health and safety practices in the workplace and ensure resources are procurable to assist employees in the event of a mishap. This aspect correlates with training because human resource managers should ensure that employees are aware and familiar with all the hazards that be within their immediate work center and know how to report any issues if someone becomes injured or ill.

Modernism: A Critical Analysis

T. S. Eliot did non invent moderneism in literature, entirely his poem The Waste wreak (1922) expresses more distinctly than anyone else what the modernist lay offeavor really was. More than a poem, it was an occasion, a cry that defined a moment in time, and which it is non achiev fitted to repeat. Eliot himself decl ared that he had moved on from the flare of The Waste sphere promptly after. Shortly after its publication he expressed in a private correspondence, As for The Waste priming, that is a thing of the past(a) so far as I am concerned and I am now feeling toward a new form and style (qtd. in Chinitz 69).The Hollow Men (1926) is nothing as fragmentary, chaotic and nihilistic as is the 1922 poem. In The Waste Land we seem he consider an unalloyed expression of despair the despair that purposeful graphics in no more realistic in the immense panorama of futility and tumult which is contemporary history (qtd. in Sigg 182). Yet the poem is not a complete negation of art. It manages a sort of coherence towards the bar, in which we may call for a nominateion that art may still be possible amidst desolate meaninglessness of the modern age.The First World War is the particular that finally shattered the cozy certainties of the Victorian age. At a more protean level, it annulled the optimism of the humanist endeavor which gave rise to the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the scientific field view. It is meaningful that the major part of this endeavor was carried out in art and literature. In the aftermath to the Great War came disillusionment, because it was widely perceived that come along did not bring peace but war the most brute(a) and mindless sort. It was not just corpses and rubble that littered Europe, but the occidental psyche too was littered with rubble.The Waste Land is essentially a collection of fragments from the tradition of literature. The ultimate statement made by Eliot is that there is no more meaning in which th e artist can engender his tradition and further it. Yet he cannot abandon the past either, for his identity element is still contained within those fragments. These fragments I have shored against my ruins, says the Fisher King, who is not able to redeem the wasteland that stretches before him (Eliot 69). This expresses the core sentiment of the poem, which is in the end a mere collection of literary fragments. It is a demonstration of what the feed of the artist has become, for the message of Eliot is that the artist is indeed reduced to gathering dust from his cultural past.Eliots poem is not meant to be imitated. Its function is to fold the spirit of the age and give it voice. So successful was it in this latter(prenominal) role that many of its literary features began to be adopted, especially so in the novel form, towards the creation of the modernist novel. The most common feature of this fabrication is the impaired and alienated protagonist in an urban setting who stru ggles against encroaching meaninglessness. Of this fiction Federman says, The creatures of the new fiction will be as changeable, as illusory, as nameless, as unnamable, as fraudulent, as unpredictable as the discourse that makes them (12).To attempt such a narrative effective novelists were soon employing a thingmajig known as stream of consciousness. It sacrifices coherence for an effect which seems to suggest that we are privy to the unexpurgated thoughts and impressions of the protagonist. Ulysses by James Joyce is composed all told I this mode, and another novelist who use this method effectively is Virginia Woolf. Most much it is used for effect in novels which retain some meaningfulness, therefore are not entirely nihilistic. In such novels we identify the contining search for possibilities in art which Eliot had instigated.The novels of Franz Kafka use the accomplished narrative voice, yet depict a world that is fragmented and devoid of meaning. The protagonist in The Trial wakes up one morning to discover that he is under arrest, subject to trial, but free to move about in the meantime. There is no immediate explanation of his wrong-doing, and none is forthcoming as the trial grinds on. Not and self-preservation, the protagonist is also seeking for meaning. only when the only meaning that emerges is that the system of rules has decided that he is the accused, which has set into motion a work whose eventual and inevitable outcome is a brutal execution.Everybody seems to be disoriented before the system, both friend and foe. They cannot effect its course, and neither can they suck out meaning from it. The state embodies logic, of which Kafka says, Logic is doubtless unshakable, but it cannot withstand a man who wants to go on living (Kafka 263). Instead of war, Kafkas center is on the bureaucratization of the modern state, but evokes the same sense of despair and the impuissance of the individual before greater and inexplicable forces, the unmistakable stamp of modernism.The gaga Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is also considered a modernist novel. though more famed for his hard-edged realism, in this last effort before his death Hemingway has created a powerful parable of futility. Santiago is a Cuban fisherman who has met awful luck, having not caught a fish for 84 solar days. On the 85th day he becomes reckless and ventures further into the sea than anyone else before. He hooks a marlin of such tremendous size that it hauls Santiago and his boat around sea for and entire day.The old fisherman is soon locked in an epic competitiveness of strength, guile and wits with the marlin, and expends every last bit of himself for over triplet days of struggle. Bloodied and drained, he has his catch in the end, which he begins to drag shoreward. But sharks then fall upon the marlin, and the old man cannot contend them off with his harpoon. Though futile, Hemingway suggests that the old mans struggle has transcendenta l value.He makes frequent comparisons betwixt the old man and Christ, and describes the old man in awe of the gentry of the marlin, even while locked in a life and death battle with it. He is described as musing, But it is good that we do not have to try to kill the sun or the moon or the stars. It is enough to live on the sea and kill our true brothers (Hemingway 75). In its tenor of unremitting futility the novel is modernist. The meaning discovered in the end is transcendental and religious, in which the spirit of the individual is pitched against his biological limitations (Walcutt 275). This is significant when we recall that Eliot too discovered religion later in life.In conclusion, in his poem The Waste Land Eliot expressed a feeling that conventional motivation of the artist was no longer relevant in the modern age, because the aspirations of the previous age, that which had motivated writers and artists in the Victorian era, had been rendered null and void. But at the sam e time it initiated a new quest in literature, which became a movement known as modernism, and especially employed by novelists. In their novels, which mostly emphasized the meaninglessness of modern existence, the modernist novelist nevertheless tends to dicover transcendental or religious meaning.Works CitedChinitz, David. T.S. Eliot and the Cultural Divide. Chicago University of Chicago Press, 2003.Eliot, Thomas Stearns. The Waste Land and Other Poems. New York Penguin Classics, 1998.Federman, Raymond. Surfiction Fiction Now and Tomorrow. Athens OH Swallow Press, 1975.Hemingway, Ernest. The centenarian Man and the Sea. New York Simon & Schuster, 1995.Kafka, Franz. The Trial. Trans. Willa Muir, Edwin Muir. New York Schocken Books, 1995.Sigg, Eric Whitman. The American T. S. Eliot A determine of the Early Writings. Cambridge, UK Cambridge University Press, 1989.Walcutt, Charles Child. American Literary Naturalism, A Divided Stream. Minneapolis University of Minnesota Press, 19 74.

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Why Women Should Be Able to Vote

Today, I am speaking for the affirmative to wherefore wo custody in Australia should be given the rights to ballot for many obvious reasons. My reasons being firstly, we should all in all be speaked equally with justice or else Australia would not be considered as an equalitarian society. Secondly, other countries have benefited their society by handing over womens suffrage. Lastly, women ar just as hard-working as men and merit as much as men do. To start off, I without a doubt believe that women should be subject to vote as Australia or we would not be known as an egalitarian society.Egalitarian means to treat everyone equally regardless of their gender, social class, nationality, education, family, appearance or job. Why should we beseech ourselves an egalitarian province if weve even consider to not give women semipolitical privileges such as voting or contributing to ideas based on gender? Women atomic number 18 counted as citizens of the country. They still pay tax es and obey the law. Yet, their ideas and voices are being crucially mocked and ignored.By allowing women to vote, contribute ideas and analyse problems, we would have more vehement debates and more conflicts in arguments. However, we would also be aware of more car park problems and directs of the plenty that need to be met. My next reason why women should be allowed to vote is that countries allowing womens suffrage have benefited from these actions. The first country allowing this to be passed was our neighbouring country, New Zealand in 1883, and then followed by Denmark, Norway, Germany and Finland in the mid-1900s.Australia smoke grow by following the footsteps of these countries as they now have a wide variety of ideas beneficial to both men and women because it serves the citizens need which should priority. It also gives women, hope and role models to look up to. Lastly, women should be able to vote because we are just as hard working as men. A majority of women are ca pable of doing tasks men can do. Women are very committed to their family.How can a woman financially confirm her family if she does not get paid as much as men due to mens bias? Women are expected to exactly do large amount of cooking, cleaning and looking after kids. It would provided be fair if they were able to vote as their votes would contribute to what is better for the country and its future. In conclusion, I strongly believe women having the right to vote will increase our economy as its extremely beneficial for the peoples rights, needs and the future of Australia being known as an egalitarian country.

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National Buy Nothing Day

get Nothing twenty-four hours was created to protest consumerism. though some think this is a marvelous idea of giving the riff to big companies, many others dont see the point in a day that allow not be effective because of the covetousness of Americans for luxurious products and the counteraction of the companies that will cause consumers to buy anyway. Americans are cognize for desiring items that are not necessities. This is shown on colour Friday.Almost all Americans wait out of doors major store, such as Wal-Mart,Target, K-Mart, for hours just to have a hot laptop or flat screen tv for thirty percentage the normal price. Another example are products at the cashier. When most throng go into a store, they have their mind preset on a product or products they are spillage to buy. But, usually their product inclining ends up unnecessarily enlarging because they see some candy they want, or crimson their child wants. Who wants to say no to children? Those type of produc ts are strategically set(p) there for the consumption of Americans that do not need.A Buy Nothing twenty-four hour period would not be so effective since Americans are willing to legislate their money on just about anything they want. Buy Nothing Day would also be ineffective because of the counteraction that the companies would take to help themselves economically. If companies exist about Buy Nothing Day and are against it, they are liberation to try to get consumers to buy their goods. The law of occupy ,relating to Economics, shows that as demand lowers, prices will as well. So companies will lower their prices to get more than consumers buy their products.Since Americans are greedy, theyd want the products they have at a lower price and the companies are not losing because they were originally not firing to receive any profit anyway if all consumers participated in Buy Nothing Day. Buy Nothing Day is a nice thought. The start out at unifying consumers against companies is inspiring. But, realistically, it wouldnt happen since Americans love buying things and companies are going to lower prices. With those to combination, there might actually be more gross sales that occur on Buy Nothing. Buy Nothing Day will be truly ineffective if it ends up like a Black Friday.

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Customer Service Profile–Marriott Hotels

Motivate employees, train them, c atomic number 18 some them, and make winners of them. At Marriott, we know that if we treat our employees correctly, theyll treat the guests right, and if the customers are do by right, theyll come back. Bill Marriot Jr. If a customer leaves a hotel or resort satisfied with the property and the service, there is a much damp chance that they pull up stakes return. That is an obvious reality in the industry, and in the head port of the customer service policy of the Marriott chain of hotels.Customer response for rapid shutdown to customer complaints is used by each and e rattling Marriott Hotel and Resort. Customer Surveys are an integral part of the plan. Getting this feedback makes it possible to correct errors and enhance the customers boilers suit experience as a guest. Customers are used to build upting a questionnaire or a come after after the fact to record and force out the company of a problem and whether or not it was solved to the customers satisfaction.Marriotts aspiration is to provide such a survey to the customer during the stay, so that any lingering problem can be immediately resolved. If there is something wrong with the room, it should be addressed during the stay, so that no one leaves dissatisfied. The real time feedback not only resolves complaints, further has been a stream of customer suggestions which would improve the experience. These suggestions are seriously considered and many defend been implemented, such as providing a billing summary lendable to the guests by internet or television prior to check out.Marriott Hotels and Resorts also consume a Rewards political platform that has been frequently judged as the best in the business. Customers get points for each stay, and can apply the points either to frequent flyer miles or future vacations. This program was instituted in 1997, but there has been some solve of a frequent guest program at Marriott since 1983. Many early(a) hotels clear similar loyalty programs, and it has come to be an expectation of a lot of guests.There are many ways to earn points and over 3000 properties completely over the globe where they can be earned. The points can be redeemed for a variety of things, such as canvass, hotel stays, frequent flyer miles, and horizontal wide screen TVs. There is however a way to donate accumulated points to charitable organizations. The above two described programs reconcile Marriotts customer service milieu. While the combination of the two prongs is very successful, there is always room for improvement or enhancement.For a colossal many guests, especially the frequent travelers for business or pleasure, accumulating the points towards an tear downtual goal is a real selling point and would certainly have the desire effect of return visits. However, for the occasional traveler, saving up enough points to have any benefit is probably not realistic. In these uncertain times, vacations and even business travel might come on to the chopping block. But, even in the best of times, only a small part of the macrocosm travels quite frequently.For all these circumstances, the Reward programs is of no benefit. Again, this is not unusual for businesses to nominate out coupons, punch cards, or reward points that will never be used. Who doesnt have frequent flyer miles, $10 off coupons for stores that will never again be visited, or credits towards a cruise or dinner that has expired and not used? The guest could indeed feel that only other people reap the rewards. One secondary would be to allow a guest to opt out of the Rewards program and instead to offer an immediate reward. An example would be for a 2 night stay, the guest could choose from several food items to be delivered to the room, such as a late night dessert. Or, for a 3 night stay, the guest would receive a innocuous spa visit if available on the premises. An alternate reward would be a coupon for free gasoline, or something commonly available. The idea would be that for some customers who knew that the point musical arrangement would not be a benefit to them, could still know that Marriott was customer oriented and that if they were to be traveling again, they would remember ot only the personal service, but that they were rewarded for just being a customer. A Review of the Marriott Rewards Program. (2010).Retrieved November 2010, from About. com Business proceed http//businesstravel. about. com/od/rewardsprograms/gr/marriott_reward. htm Executive Blueprint. (n. d. ). Retrieved 2010, from Case Study Increasing Sales by Service http//www. executiveblueprints. com/_cases/service_marriott. pdf Marriott Reward Program. (n. d. ). Retrieved 2010, from Marriott http//www. marriott. com/rewards/rewards-program. mi

Wall Street

How far entrust you go to be successful? How far will you go to win? Nothing screwing illustrate the lengths that a person is willing to reconcile just to cabbage than in the cutthroat cosmea of stocks. And no place in the world is more ruthless than palisade passage.Wall path representation (St wholeness, 1987) takes its viewers to a behind-the-scenes look at this place in the world where state live and feed on stocks. The entirety of the hold tackles a destiny of moralistic conflicts that be involved in the business seeings do within the cinema.This is Oliver marks criticism of the mentality of the pile who employ smuggled means just to get the biggest profit in the quick time. Stone criticism non only targeted the corporate raiders whose practices were being candid in the in billetr trading scandal in the 1980s, but it was a followup on the quick-buck culture that was prevalent then and even at this time.THE pieceThe plot is traditional and formulaic. A yo ung hotshot, wanting to be successful, gets the hazard when his persistence pays off as he is hired by a famous veteran. The rookie takes on the job albeit the discovery of the illegalities of the methods. He gets the perks and the celluloid shows its earreach the grandiose rewards he gets. When a conflict of interest arises, he goes against the veteran. He loses everything yet he gets his payback. This has been a formula for a effect of characterisations, and Wall passage is no exception.The young, idealistic hotshot here is bud hoax, played by Charlie Sheen. He is a stockbroker for a lesser-known Wall Street firm. The hotshot is a dreamer. In one scene in the photo where he just lost a lot of money because of a client, he utters that he dreams of being on the new(prenominal) side of the call back sometimes. In subsequent scenes too, it can be observed that develop does not dream of being a stockbroker forever. To achieve that dream, he constantly calls the patch of his hero for a chance of getting an audience and ultimately, impressing him to gain exercise under his heros wing.The veteran, wastefulnessively rich and wealthy, and the movie champs hero is Gordon Gekko. This part led Michael Douglas to garnering an Academy Award of get Perfor humanityce by an Actor. He is indeed truly worthy of the trophy as he portrayed the cold and vicious yet in some way appealing Gekko to the hilt. Gekko re precedes the ultimate corporate raider, the Wall Street shark who buys and closes down companies under their noses for his profit. Yet his methods, though disagreeable, are telling and masterfully justified as evidenced by his greed is true(p) speech in the movie (to be discussed later).On Gekkos birthday, Bud shows up in Gekkos office with a box of Davidoff cigars as a present and a bribe to finally get the chance he has been waiting for. Desperate to impress Gekko, Bud blurts out insider learning that his father Carl (played by Martin Sheen, Ch arlies substantial-life father) revealed to him about BlueStar airlines. Carl stools for BlueStar and also serves as a union leader in that respect. When Gekko profits out of Buds tip, he saying something in the kid that he bidd.He power saw the killer instinct, the will and determination to do whatever it takes to succeed. He saw a bit of himself in Bud, as he revealed later on in the movie. He then employs Bud to work for him but not as an ordinary broker. He asks Bud to spy on his contention and other illegal acts. At first, Bud hesitates but he ultimately agrees. He is rewarded with his works, and not without extravagance. Bud enjoys the howling(a) life that his work with Gekko provided for him.The primary(prenominal) conflict of the scud arises when Bud decides to make BlueStar competitive. Bud enthusiastically pushes in advance his proposals to Gekko. Gekko, on the other hand, agrees with the proposals armed with rail lineing intentions compared to that of Buds. Wh en Gekko and Bud present their externalise to BlueStar representatives, including Carl, Carl voices out his opposition as he sees behind the dissembling that Gekko puts on. Yet, Bud remains to be sold by Gekkos deception.It did not take much time before Bud realizes what Gekkos plan really is. When Bud learns that Gekko plans to sell the hangars and planes, he confronts Gekko. When asked why he was downfall BlueStar, Gekko answers, Because its wreckable. From there, Bud trims off a plan to save BlueStar. at last they do but not without consequences. Bud is arrested for illegal insider trading by the SEC. Still, he manages to get payback as he lures Gekko into a jam and thus managing to record Gekkos confession of guilt on tape. The film ends with Bud walking on the steps of a courthouse on his way to his sentencing.ISSUES The Quick-Buck mentality vs. Hard Work and Fair Play Wall Street can be likened to a battle of two fathers over the moral consciousness of a son. This is not the only movie where Stone use this construct. His Vietnam War movie Platoon also shares this conflict (where Charlie Sheen also portrays the role of the son torn amidst two fathers, one effective and some other evil). In Wall Street, Carl Fox and Gordon Gekko represent the two opposing sides in the contest over the moral beliefs of Bud Fox, the son.Gekko represents the cutthroat businessman who resorts to all means to gain the biggest profit in the easiest way. He does so through illegal means but not without justification. The list of his reasons is not uncommon and yet is still popularly used even up to these times to justify faultydoings. These include excuses like Everybody does it, Theres something in this for everybody, Nobody gets hurt, As long as we dont get caught, etc. This promotes dishonesty in business dealings.But as shown by Gekko, it is this type of multitude who get to be on top of the inning of the hill. The ruthless, the cunning, or the relentless are th e ones who succeed and eat up those who distort to compete in the merciless world of business. The implication of the justifications Gekko provides for his actions can be summed up in the common adage, saying that if you cant cross them, join them. Surely, there are other people in the real world that are similar in nature to Gekko, people who pose extremely successful using unethical methods. Competing with these people is one sinewy task to surmount.Thus, there are those who give up on competing with such(prenominal) sharks on ethical grounds and are consequently influenced to follow their lead. In straightaways world, it is not surprising to find people like Gekko and the quick-buck mentality that they adhere to, where they prioritize profit over anything else including morals and serve to their clients.On the other hand, Carl Fox represents the people who advocate hard work and honesty in business dealings. Carl Fox is not the only cite in the film that adheres to such philosophy. One superior of Bud in the Wall Street firm stated, in one of the earlier scenes, that proper things sometimes take time. He cites IBM and Hilton as examples.This is a direct contrast to Gekkos impatient and short-term approach towards business. Success, via the ethical way, takes time. But in conclusion it will come to those who work hard and remain ethical in their ways. This kind of thinking seems to be overshadowed by the prevalent success of the Gekko-like businessmen. despite that, there are those who remain stern to keeping their methods unstained by illegalities.They preach that hard work will reap its benefits but it takes time. Gekko scoffs at this supposition citing his father as an example of a hardworking man who worked all his life and died of mediocrity. In the present day, there are those who securely hold on to this principle despite all the satirical points do against their cause.Bud Fox in the movie represents the son torn between two fathers, na mely Gekko and Carl. He is the student confused on which teach of thought to pursue, the quick-buck or fair play. This is actually a mirror of todays world. Stone intended this movie to reflect the rugged pecuniary wheeling and dealing that is actually happening, especially at the time when the movie was made. The playing field is so dominated by players who overhear count on profit, wealth and winning above any other consideration.What Bud Fox represents is the individual player who is given a choice on which side to choose, the cunning majority or the blue-collar minority. Stones inwardness is a dark warning for those who follow Gekkos way. As one of Buds bosses says it, Enjoy it while it lasts, because it never does. The film ends with twain Fox and Gekko getting prosecuted. They may enjoy the wealthiness brought about by their illegal actions but time will come when their misdoings will befool their due. Meanwhile, those who do not heed the call of the short money are bound to have no worries of retribution.Greed is superb? The highlight of the film, what importantly won Michael Douglas his Oscar for Acting, is the scene where he delivers the Greed is Good speech. Such conception was the popular mindset (and alibi) for the profit-obsessed culture in the 1980s market that Stone was criticizing. By this scene, Stone shows his viewers the kind of eloquence and guts that people like Gekko have in def closure the actions they do.This scene masterfully and strongly provides that illustration. Gekkos claims, amazingly delivered by Douglas, provide a chill to the sticker of viewers as it shows just how ruthless and yet appealingly legitimate Gekko is. He delivers the speech with such composure and bravado that merits cheers and jubilation among his audience and silences his detractors despite the axiomatic disreputability of his catchphrase.The setting here is that Gekko is trying to take over a community, Teldar Paper. In a shareholders meeting of such company, company management oppose such planned take over by Gekko mainly because of Gekkos reputation as a company raider. Gekko, on the other hand, rebuffs this voiced out opposition with this grand speech, provided here in partThe point is, ladies and gentlemen Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is undecomposed avaritia works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms, avariciousness for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind and greed, you mark my haggling will save not only Teldar Paper but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA.At first look, he may have a point. As evidenced by the acceptance of his audience, it seems as though Gekko has indeed made a very convincing affirmation. All maturation can be traced to mans insatiable hunger for life, money, love, knowledge, etc. as noted by Gekko. It is seemingly logical to think that gre ed is the driving force behind every single successful speculation of man.If that is so, then it is just right to teach people to be greedy. sort out? If this was the case, then the movie should have ended with a decisive statement that Gekko never gets caught. But Stone had a different view. Stone include this speech in the movie to showcase up to what absurd lengths people like Gekko go to in order to twist the facts and values long-cherished by society just to justify their cause and actions.Greed is wanting in excess of something that is never meant to be ones own. It is an excessive entrust to possess more than one needs or deserves. Anything in excess is wrong and can never be good, as declared in Nicomachean ethics. This just proves how twisted Gekko and his kind are. They turn something innately bad to something good just to satisfy their inner selves that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.They are blinded by their greed on what is truly wrong and write. Gree d overcomes them. The desire for winning the deal is more dominant than notice ethics. Even the rewards of money and luxurious living are never large if one is overrun by greed. In the movie, Gekko and Bud are enjoying the luxurious life yet the audience never gets to examine the splendor of their riches as these are only shown in passing. Such is the life devote to greed. It doesnt give room to gloat in the rewards because it constantly seeks more. The concept of enough eludes them. When Bud confronts Gekko of how much is enough, Gekko struggles to answer. Greed does that to a person.Greed corrupts. besides much of anything corrupts to a point where the boundaries between right and wrong are breached just to temporarily satisfy and insatiable appetite for winning the deal. Greed twists the morality of a person. It changes the priorities of a person involved, in a deal greed is self-serving instead of serving what the deal embodies, which is the people that will benefit from it. It is this moral subversion that Stone exposes through this movie, the moral corruption brought about by wealth and greed. The legal corruption is only set as a backdrop amidst the crisis in morality that the protagonist of the film is going through.CONCLUSION Oliver Stones main message in this film is that the ways of the wicked will ultimately fail. He concludes the movie by Gekko getting caught on tape with a confession of his illegal acts after he falls for a trap set by Bud and the SEC. Bud is also indicted for the things he did while employed by Gekko. The last scene shows him walking towards his sentencing.This ending can be sort as a traditional one. It gives the viewers the old impression that good ultimately triumphs over evil. If the movie happened in reality though, there would have been a very different ending. There is one discernable major flaw in the movie. One can only opine on the reasons why such flaw can be bypassed by Stone (either corporate pressure to lea ve a good ending or its a pun to the romanticism of movies).If Gekko is such a cold, calculating and cunning man, it is highly doubtful whether he would let himself be trapped by such methods. It is more doubtful if he would countenance himself to be seen with Bud after Bud was unceremoniously arrested. It is also supposed(prenominal) that Gekko would not anticipate a wire on Bud when they met closemouthed the end of the movie. In summation, the ending is highly doubtful.The relevance of such obvious flaw is that it leaves its viewers (at least, those who recognized such flaw) with no hope of amatory ideals that such a conflict can be resolved easily. In todays world, there are a number of Gekkos around. The flaw of the movie makes viewers realize that a number of Gekkos out there do exist and are left uninjured and undetected (maybe even untouchable). It is then left to the viewer what to do with such fact of life. Surrounded by sharks and unethical fiscal players, the present financial manager is faced with a choice, the Gekko-way or the hard way.The movie ends with an easy resolution promoting an ideal situation where the bad guys fail. In the real world, that may not always be the case. It is up to the person whether to abide by ethics and laws in financial dealings or bend such laws and ethical rules because there are those who get away with it and they are the ones on top. The movie provides two ways towards success, the hard and long way or the easy way where rules are only part of the show.Reference1. Stone, O. (1987). Wall Street. California 20th Century Fox. 

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Thantopsis and the Road Theme Death

AP English Period 5 William Bryant uses vision of geniuss beauty to cr feed ine a theme that dying is beautiful and serene, while Cormac McCarthy uses mental imagery darkness and idle things to create a theme that shoe exploitrs last is scary and dark. Bryants perception of finale shows that it is unite with per passwordality at which it is a liveliness history cycle. He shows us a different perspective on how finis is. His use of creative imagery of nature to dying creates the theme of death being not as bad as it seems. McCarthys view of death differs from Bryants view.McCarthy uses a post-apocalyptic reality where nature is dead to support the theme that death is horrible. both(prenominal) authors use imagery to show the relationship between life and death to create themes opposite of each other. In Thanatopsis, the author shows the theme approximately death by comparing it to natures beauty. Most lot see death as horrible, but Bryant shows an in-depth meaning to it. The poem starts impinge on by personifying nature as a beautiful female, and a smiling and eloquence of beauty (Lines 4-5), who give always be in that respect for you to make you feel better, Into his darker musings, with a mild and healing sympathy. (Lines 6-8) The poem takes a swop and talks about how death feels like Of the stern agony, and shroud, and pall and dyspneic darkness, and the narrow house, (Lines 11-12) and the idea of being in pain in a dark coffin. The poem continues acquittance back and forth on natures beauty and death, and soon connects it back to the theme. Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again, (Line 23) shows that after death is another phase of life itself, and we exit effect to be one with nature. Our dead decomposing bo peter outs will be mixed in with nature, Shall send his roots abroad, and pierce thy mould. Line 30) Bryant comp atomic number 18s nature to a coffin, are but the solemn decorations all of the swell tomb of man. (Line 44 -45), to show the coffins of dead people created natures beauty, the valleys, hills, rivers. Bryant leaves a message to the animation that death, the great equalizer, is inevitable and everyone will die eventually, The youth gray-headed man. (Line 68-70) He and then continues on telling the message that you solo acknowledge once, so live your life to your full potential, So Live, (Line 73) and be aware that death will eventually come with a blanket around him and getting situate for a happy, dream-filled sleep, (Line 80-81).You will not go to death alone. Everyone who has ever died will already be there. Everyone who hasnt gone yet will be there eventually. Bryant connects nature with death because its with all the death that Mother Natures beauty was created, and as you become one with nature. In The Road, McCarthy makes death a darker and scary theme. Since the beginning to the end of the book, McCarthy uses imagery to show that death is horrible. As the father and son are on the road, the father describes everything he sees He tells detail imagery on the dead trees, no colors, change abandon man-made objects, like buildings and trains, and others.Every living thing in the knowledge base is dead, so they savage what they can from abandon houses to keep themselves from starving, and freezing to death. on that point is a constant fear of dying from the boy, Are we going to die? Sometime. Not Now, (Page 10) but the father knows that they are going to die, but not now. The Father and son are out in an unforgiving, dangerous world where even the slightest misstep could lead to death, so they keep on moving. all told they see is death, Inside the barn three bodies hanging from the rafters, dried and dusty, (Page 16) as they front.The boy has seen so much death in his short life that he learns to accept it and understand that death is here. The father is only living because of the son, and it is his responsibility to find him a safe place, as the son is o nly living for his father. The boy said, I wish I was with my mom, because he wishes to be dead like his mother. The first death that both the father and son witness was his mother death. The mother didnt want to live any longer because she couldnt face the world as it is filled with cannibals and murderers, they are going to rape us and kill us and eat us and you wint face it.Youd rather wait for it to happen. But I cant. (p. 58). The father and son are always on the move because of the fear that they will be eaten by cannibals. In the mansion, the father capable up the room, and saw living humans held captive to be nutriment for the cannibals. The father and son saw a beheaded, gutted out, baby over a fire when they were starving for food (Page 199). Death is everywhere in The Road. They are always on the constant move so they can run away away from death by finding food and warmth, while conceal from the cannibals.Both works of literature gives a clear relationship between life and death. McCarthy shows imagery that describes that death is horrible. The constant running to find what they can to eat while hiding from cannibals show that death is at the door, and it is only a matter of time before they die. Bryants imagery of death is much serene and beautiful. He gave a lighter and happier tone on death and how death shouldnt not be feared, and live your life. Both McCarthy and Bryant uses imagery to show death as a beauty or scary.

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Public Transportation Vs Private Transportation

at present commonwealth from all over the world be suffering from the aerate pollution. unrivalled of the reasons of much(prenominal) situation is the constantly increasing car usage. atomic physical body 18 we fit to do something in baseball club to pass on throng not to drop private cars or to using up them less? To be honest, in that location are only several things we displace do. Among them is propaganda of the risks caused by the private cars usage. We can take into account flock with the main benefits they can get by victimisation humankind transport and crystalize the transportation expenses more affordable.First of all, advertisement is a actually powerful weapon. Many passel can esteem the ad they saw several years ago. Advertisement has a very smashed effect. It can impress people, influence their thoughts and even change them. Of course, it is im affirmable to encourage all people from all over the world to use human race transport only. But s till a certain human activity of people result definitely halt up using cars and lead give preferences to the public transport as time goes by.Moreover, we can likewise brook people with the benefits they can get from usage of public transport. For example, it is possible to translate those people who use public transport with the 20% neglect when they take aim to buy something. Also, it is possible to implement special cards that testament be some kinds of an opportunity to change bus to train for free. As a final point, lets take a figure at one more thing we can provide people with in order to encourage them to use public transport. It would be prudent to make the public transportation prices lower.Lets suppose that you pay 40$ per month to drive your own car. If you give preference to the public transport, it will address 20$ per month. What would you pick as the method of transportation? downcast to hypothesize that it may be quite hard to set the price of 20$ f or public transport, as transportation companies may be against such allowances reduction. But if it happens one day, a great number of people would give up their cars and prefer public transport in order to prevent congestion and air pollution. Im century% undisputable that all the waysPublic Transportation Vs Private TransportationNowadays people from all over the world are suffering from the air pollution. One of the reasons of such situation is the constantly increasing car usage. Are we able to do something in order to encourage people not to use private cars or to use them less? To be honest, there are only several things we can do. Among them is propaganda of the risks caused by the private cars usage. We can provide people with the main benefits they can get by using public transport and make the transportation prices more affordable.First of all, advertisement is a very powerful weapon. Many people can remember the ad they saw several years ago. Advertisement has a very s trong effect. It can impress people, influence their thoughts and even change them. Of course, it is impossible to encourage all people from all over the world to use public transport only. But still a certain number of people will definitely give up using cars and will give preferences to the public transport as time goes by.Moreover, we can also provide people with the benefits they can get from usage of public transport. For example, it is possible to provide those people who use public transport with the 20% discount when they need to buy something. Also, it is possible to implement special cards that will be some kinds of an opportunity to change bus to train for free. As a final point, lets take a look at one more thing we can provide people with in order to encourage them to use public transport. It would be advisable to make the public transportation prices lower.Lets suppose that you pay 40$ per month to drive your own car. If you give preference to the public transport, it will cost 20$ per month. What would you pick as the method of transportation? Sorry to say that it may be quite hard to set the price of 20$ for public transport, as transportation companies may be against such fees reduction. But if it happens one day, a great number of people would give up their cars and prefer public transport in order to prevent congestion and air pollution. Im 100% sure that all the ways

Comparison of Judaism and Mormonism

The reason I mentioned deliverer is because the Mormonism public opinion cerebrate in the Godhead that is God the experience, God the male child (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. See this is where the two religions split on their beliefs of God. As I wrote before that they both believe in God the Father but when they added on the Son and Holy Spirit Judaism would never fancy that. From my querying of the two religions I came to only a few conclusions or so what would pass along from the facts I read if they were to get together. Mormons hold up those of Jewish congruous and their religion on high.From what I read is that since Mormonism historical background starts therewith Judaism that they would accept their teachings to a certain extent. The only issue that I take up the people of Mormonism having a problem with is that the people of Judaism do not believe in Jesus. I think that Mormonism probably could let someone of the Judaism faith pray for them or with them becau se I read in the book Mormon America they encourage many different religions but believe someplace down the line disordered some facts of the truth that Mormonism still believes an addresses.From those facts that got lost I believe that the Mormon would not accept either the belief that God is a spirit as of someone who is a truster of Judaism. The charastics that I wrote about even involves their everyday way of bread and butter. Judaism as I wrote before they believe that the name of God should not be verbalise by any men, women, or child. They pray to God three generation a day and four times on Saturday which is considered their Sabbath. When it comes down to the Tanakhthey label to follow the teachings of the Law that God gave to Moses.That law that Judaism follow controls every flavour of their everyday life in they must obey or it would be displeasing to God. Also by the time childhits manhood if they have an up to(p) mind must remember all atomic number 23 books of the Pentateuch which is the first five books Moses wrote. As for Mormonism their belief on family in that once a family on earth pass on be a family in the afterlife has in any case instituted a very strong social welfare system to inspection and repair their families.In The Book of Mormon they are taught about heath living and incorporating with what they are taught they give up a lot of unhealthy thing sure as cigarettes, alcohol, and sometimes meat. But they mainly focus on eating foods like vegetables, fruits, and grain. Also children of the Mormonism faith are trained and brought up at a very young age in discussion the word of their faith Like all religious faiths, there will be some similarities and a lot to a greater extent differences. Judaism and Mormonism are no different.In conducting my research I found so many things about the religions of Judaism and Mormonism interesting. I think that the way that Mormonism was founded was the most interesting thing. It is always so amazing to get the chance to not only do research on different religions but also to get to know more about them and how different they may be from what I personally believe. References Bowker John. arena Religions. The great Faiths Explored &038 Explained. New York, NY DK Publishing, 2006.

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Individual and Group Test of Intelligence

Individual vs group scrutiny Individual discussion tests * There ar two major types of intelligence test, those administered to several(prenominal)s and thsoe administered to groups. * The two chief(prenominal) individual intelligence tests are the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test (see Murphy & group A Davidshofer, 2001, Chap. 13) Wechsler tests, i. e. WISC for children and WAIS for adults (see Murphy & Davidshofer, 2001, Chap. 13) * These are individual intelligence tests which require person-to-person consultation with the child.The tests contract various communicatory and non-verbal subtests which can be have to give an overall IQ, but which as well provide valuable let on subtest scores and measures based on the behavioural responses of the child to the test items. * both(prenominal) of the content of these tests is clearly culture-loaded, hence there is theKaufman Assessment Battery for Children a more(prenominal) recent test which attempts to minimize cultural bias.The test also attempts to separate crystallised and fluid intelligence. Group intelligence tests * Group-administered intelligence tests involve a series of different problems and are generally used in mass testing situations such as the military and schools. * Examples of group tests are Multidimensional Aptitude Battery, The Cognitive Abilities test, Scholastic Assessment Tests * There has been a trend towards the use of multiple choice items.Many of theses tests have separately clock sub-tests. A major distinction made between types of items is verbal and non-verbal. In recent years there has been a trend forward from verbal and mathematical items towards non-verbal represented problems in pictures. * Part of the reason for shifting away from verbal-based tests, in particular, is the issue of culture-loading. Advantages of group tests * can be administered to very wide numbers simultaneously * simplified examiner role scoring typically more objective * large, representat ive samples often used leading to breach established norms Disadvantages of group tests * examiner has less opportunity to establish rapport, generate cooperation, and maintain interest * not readily detected if examinee tired, anxious, unwell * evidence that emotionally disturbed children do better on individual than group tests * examinees responses more restricted normally an individual is tested on all items in a group test and may become boredom over easy items and frustrated or anxious over difficult items * Individual tests typically provide for the examiner to choose items based on the test takers prior responses moving onto quite difficult items or back to easier items. So individual tests offer more flexibility.

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Discuss the Importance of Dreams in Of Mice and Men Essay

The book Of Mice and Men was published in September, 1937 and was stipulate in the depression of the 1930s in California at the office of So conductad. Steinbeck uses Soledad because it translates as l mavenliness which arises the point that the time in which this book was circuit was a time of loneliness where it was very unusual to have a companion or family with you which led to the existence of visions to look forward to more pleasant and happier times. At this time 1930s America, nigh Americans had the so-called American Dream. This was to feature their own piece of operate as well as being the boss of it.This was the common dream amongst ranch workers to have something to receive for and aid them with their loneliness. The dream came into existence in the 1800s when overturn was more quick available. By the 1930s, when this romancela was set, it was almost impossible to make their dreams a verity ascribable to the 1929 Wall Street stock market collapse which had resulted in prices increasing drastically, and more importantly thither was a desperate locomote of poverty making people sell what they had and live on the streets.This is what led to the rugged mortalism of each person. As well as this, it was make even more difficult as most land had been bought beforehand. It is due to the Wall Street Crash that m some(prenominal) went to California for work. President Roosevelt at that time had the job of directing workers such as George and Lennie to ranches or farms where there was work. Steinbeck uses Lennie and George to personify the dream of the migrant worker own their own land along with giving the opportunity to settle in the promised land (California). unsettled workers are labourers who work on ranches as harvesters involving lifting heavy materials hard work for little wages. They have no family or friends as they continuously move around to different ranches in California in order to keep work. This is how workers had to follo w jobs and was the course of life for migrant workers. In relation to this, work circuit board were important as it gave them a work permit which ranch owners demand when recruiting. In comparison to modern day running(a) conditions, workers such as George and Lennie would not receive holidays, sickness paywork forcets or old age pensions from their ranch. in that respectfore, futures for most manpower looked bleak. Without dreams, no-one would have reason to keep going. An example of this is Lennie wanting his own animals in the future to pet.There is symbolism within the book that refers to the garden of Eden. He sets the scene of this by using description such as Willows fresh and green with every spring which could be interpreted as referring to the Garden of Eden. I believe Steinbeck is trying to put across the imperfectness of humans along with temptation and results of doing a bad thing (said by Lennie). Lennie shows that temptation causes him to lose his way and repres ends the imperfection of humans. His desire to pet sonant objects without foreseeing the consequences puts him on a collision course with another(prenominal)s. Also, the girl in mass and Curleys wife are both temptations that made his curiosity twist and he could not resist. Curleys wife could be seen as the snake in the garden a liar, a temptation, a manipulator of men to get her way.Like Eve, she is curious, in this case about Lennie. Her actions are barren but the outcomes are bad, (telling Lennie to touch her soft hair in the vitamin B which leads to her death) just as Eves actions caused them and human beings to be sent of the perfect place. Curleys wifes actions tempt Lennie whose actions cause him along with the others to lose their dream of a little farm. Lastly, Adam and Eve were impel out of Eden for going against God therefore mankind is in loneliness and wandering. Steinbeck shows this when George asks who used to live on his bunk with Candy replying that he had just left gimme my time one might like any guy would. After this, George then brings Lennie along which creates suspicion because two men didnt traveling together Hardly none of the guys ever travel together.There was a big contrast in the timeless sylvan great deal of America and what was to all but end this the 1930s Depression. The vision was that workers will move up the ranks of working to eventually own their individual land however this would never be when the 1930s Depression occurred. There was a big drop in every economic harvest-home along with very high unemployment. It also resulted in countries leaving the golden standard in order to recover. These reasons helped the American Dream to not be a successful one for so many. Steinbeck is effective and does well to mean that there is another world other then the perfect one that was envisaged by everyone by saying beaten hard by the boys glide slope raze from the ranches and beaten hard by tramps who come wearily d own from the highway. Words such as beaten hard and tramps suggest this other world and show the stark contrast between dreams and reality.The main characters implicate George, who is a small, quick man with well-defined features. He is a migrant ranch worker who dreams of one day saving enough specie to buy his own place and being his own boss, many men in the Depression dreamed of this. His only set back is his mentally handicapped friend Lennie whom he travels with and has been since he promised Lennies Aunt Clara he would look after him after she died. Looking after Lennie stops George from working towards his dream and even prevent him from having a normal life of a rancher, because of this, George and Lennie regularly fight. George yearns for companionship as can be told by the metaphor of him playing solitaire.The tension of having to look after Lennie and himself shows in George and he shows a wide variety of emotions during the novella, from anger to patience to sadness. Lennie is mentally slow, hes enormous. He is Georges companion and he is the source of the all the novels conflict. He is Georges opposite both mentally and physically.Lennies innocence and helplessness, his childish actions, such is his desire to pet soft things makes him large-hearted to the readers of the novella. George and Lennies dream is more materialistic than to just own land and be their own boss, as they envision a place where nonentity gona get hurt nor steal from them. The friendship between the two is steadfastly rooted in their dream. Candy and Crooks along with others are also caught up in the dream. Curlys wife also had a dream which was to become a movie star. But in one way or another, all the dreams of these workers are smashed.

Native American Movement Essay

The Native American driving force of the 1960s and 1970s was the terminus of Native Americans coming together to claim, regain, or reassert rights to lands and to fight for more control everyplace water, economic affairs, and education on native lands. Although the movement was all across the U. S. the most well known event of header or the American Indian Movement was the tenancy of Alcatraz island from 1969 through 1971.The get-go major intertribal association was the soilal congress of American Indians, or NCAI whose concerns were protection of Indian land rights and improved educational opportunities for Native Americans. Founded in 1944 in response to termination and assimilation policies that the U. S. forced upon the tribal governments in contradiction of their treaty rights and status as sovereigns. They joined the movement later being denied Indian land from the United States government.Many achievements were made the introductory, in 1949 when they made charges ag ainst federal job bias towards the Indians. Again in 1950, 1952 and in 1954 when they won their fight against legislation that would have allowed the states to civil and criminal jurisdictions over Indians. They dealt with various topics like health care, employment, and safety issues on a nation wide scale. They were very successful in completing in that location goals and assist the cause.( http//www. The American Indian Movement or AIM was an American Indian rights assort who occupied a number of sites. Founded in 1968, there goals were fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among American Indian and first nation groups in the U. S. and Canada. They joined the movement because in the 1960s, American Indians were the poorest minority group. They achieved many famous site takeovers from the 1970 occupation of a replica of the trailing arbutus to the occupation of Mount Rushmore in 1971.There most famous occupation howe ver was the one of Alcatraz island from 1969 to 1971, it started with just a few, then quickly grew to hundreds. ( http//www. conservapedia. com/American_Indian_Movement_Grand_Governing_Council) The group offered to buy the island from the federal government for $24 in glass bead and red cloth but there offer was denied and after 2 years and a lot hard times, the U. S. government finally aloof the group from the island. ( http//www. digitalhistory. uh. edu/database/article_display. cfm? HHID=387).

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Teacher Descriptive Essay

Lily Campbell Block 3 Mr. Watrous 18 September 2012 Who is Mr. Watrous? When we initially meet someone, we immediately tend to assess by physical appearing. This is somewhat of a natural instinct, although the way someone looks does not necessarily reflect the individuals true self. When I first strolled into Mr. Watrouss mannequinroom, my first impression was that hed be a stern, serious teacher. Soon after I heard him talk to our class, and even more(prenominal) after having him for a few blocks, I institute that he is an amiable and whimsical man.My first impression of Mr. Watrous is nothing at all as his true personality. Hes actually instead an interesting teacher and very different from the majority. Mr. Watrous appears to be middle aged, as his dark brown, short hair is filling in with gray. He doesnt seem to have wrinkles. Instead he has a clear, healthy expression face, impressive green eyes, and dark stubble from his beard. Hes nearly medium height for an adult ma n and has a thin, yet sinewy frame. Mr. Watrous dresses different than most teachers at Central West.His most stylish outfits lie in of tablecloth print, button up shirts, green pants, and two-inch heeled shoes. But what he regularly wears ar collared or button up shirts, jeans, and dress shoes. In my opinion, Mr. Watrouss appearance makes him appear as a strong, harsh kind of guy. But in reality, hes far from that. In class Mr. Watrous is a mixture of both formal and informal. When lecturing, or directly asking questions he speaks and behaves instead formal. However, when he casually speaks with a savant hes more informal.Outside of the classroom Mr. Watrouss speech is Campbell 2 more informal with the intent of a lot of slang. For role model, he refers to the people hes utterance to as man often, despite their gender, as part of his normal vocabulary. In our class Mr. Watrous acts as he wants the best possible out of us. He seems actually focused on preparing us for the f uture. He talks to us near college and our future constantly. He also teaches us the importance of oratory in formal and informal manner, and indirectly teaches us life lessons.One example Ill never forget was that on the first day of take aim he assigned an almost impossible task of answering or so 40 questions in 15 minutes, in attempt to teach us that we need to speak up and recognize ridiculous tasks requested of us. It seems that Mr. Watrouss thoughts are sincerely clever and strategic. Yet, when one asks him to describe how he thinks he says little of it is based on logic and he usually adept ends up going with his gut. This is consistent with how Mr.Watrous teaches, he presents himself as a really smart, all-knowing guy, but as hes teaching he is persuasion of new things to say. In our classroom Mr. Watrous thinks a lot about his students and how to help them succeed, but outside of school he has more classic priorities. He owns an art gallery and ranch, plus he has a family. Mr. Watrous probably thinks about his ranch very often since it needs maintenance. Since he is an artist, he is very creative, Im sure he is constantly thinking of new things to paint. Just like any other husband/ stimulate Mr.Watrous is going to constantly think about his family. Students look up to Mr. Watrous and spread over him very detectfully. He is appreciated by his students who trust him, and want to film from him. Students exit joke around with Mr. Watrous since hell joke around with us often also. Mr. Watrous treats his student in a respectful manner. Although he will be honest, and tell someone what is exactly on his mind. He holds our class up to high standards and wants us to be the best possible. If a student says Um hell mock them Campbell 3 very single time, hoping that we will finally stop being shy of ourselves and think before we talk. He does this so we will think before we speak and not be unsure or ourselves. Mr. Watrous is a different kind of t eacher, but in a good way. His appearance is deceiving since he looks scary and mean. Hes really actually super nice and a laid back teacher. He acts different in his classroom and home settings. As a teacher his interest is in whats best for his students. His students realize that so they respect and appreciate him very much.

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Modern Theatrical Practices Essay

The goldbrick Macbeth was compose by William Shakespe ar in 1606 and is thought to feature been written for great power James I. The play was lay down by Shakespe be in The History of Scotland and in at that draw a bead on it was suggested that Banquo had helped Macbeth in the flashyup position of Dun pot unless Shakespe are cleverly left field this interrupt as King James I was an source of Banquo and the thought of regicide in his family would h ancient moxie killed Shakespeares career and most probably, he would arrive at been killed himself.For maximum nitty-gritty, I believe the surpass stage for this play would be a proscenium arch. This is so the exertionors go forth forever be facing the consultation and when the phantasms happen, the reference go by non be adequate to(p) to ripe off being the gauze bandage and wangle which would spoil the effect go outn. Also the auditory esthesiss seat depart not go that high up for the identical dry land.Origin completelyy, the reference should react familiarly to the playing vent on, therefore when Macbeth enters with thunder prosperous around, and I feel inter diversify subject this should be pee-pee flat the consultation to designate that whatever function bad is going to happen. Throughout the Apparitions I estimate the audition should feel a consequenceary slice of apprehension save I transport them to rattling understand what is happening on stage so the fear female genitalsnot be in addition wet. I believe fear is an w octety feeling as it symbolizes that something aversion is happening on stage. At the resembling period I want the earreach to be excited and on the asolely of their seat, wondering what is going to happen next.In this scene Macbeth again visits the witches who he thinks are helping him. The Witches are of course infernal characters and dont acquit his practiced at heart. This is a fault of Macbeths, as he doesnt unfeign edize the Witches are wicked an thinks he is unbeatable until it is too late and Macduff, with the help of Malcolm, has r all toldied support to trim down him.The set- a adjust forwardtha quantify Macbeth meets the Witches they predict that Macbeth exit be drive Thane of Cawdor, King of Scotland and that the children of Banquo volitioning in any case become kings. These predictions lead to the finish ups of Duncan and Banquo. This meeting tells Macbeth to beware Macduff (IV, i, 70) and leads to the murders of Lady Macduff, her children and the majority of the Macduff castle servants. The witches as well lull Macbeth into a false sense of warranter by telling him that for n ace of wo gentlemans gentleman innate(p) shall harm Macbeth (lines 79-80).Macduff was natural by Caesarean section and so isnt born of woman. Macbeths security measure is withal lowered when he is told that he is safe until Great Burnham Wood to lofty Dunsinane Hill (line 92). Macbeth believes th is to e impossible so sees himself as indestructible solely this presage comes true when the English soldiers carry branches up to the hill to disguise how many of them thither actually are. These two lapses in security pass on lead to the eventual gloaming of Macbeth.The scene is depict as a miserable place near Forres (The violet castle of Scotland) Thunder is excessively described as happening. I think that it is merry to stupefy across the particular that this place is barren and contaminated by shabbiness imputable to the company of the witches. I would find this scene in the hours of darkness, on that point impart be flack-torches stuck in the ground providing some black glisten to award that it is an isolate area and not a reciprocal rest ground for people. Light medullas bequeath be use, not actual fire as fire may travail a safety hazard. Also tinder leave alone be coming from idler a gauze, which is hanging towards the moxie of the stage. This lea ve puke rear the effect that the place is evil. The torches on the floor bequeath give the sense of hearing the impression of a medieval setting.They entrust be randomly arranged or so the stage to channelize a mild, or delicate case of the chaos that is connect with the Witches. The gauze testament be hung towards the back and no depress testament be shone prat it until the shades, this is so the tails can come from hobo the gauze so the reference cannot see them coming out of a cauldron for example. Seeing something boost from a cauldron cannot be made to smell good in a champaign and may come off as hold backing tacky. The actual stage itself volitioning be decorated to vista comparable a cave, mould and dirt should be on the stage floor and thin boulders scattered over the ground. I think that an actual cauldron would be a bit odd look seen as nothing leave be ri chant out of it and also a cauldron is meagrely pantomime.So instead of a cauldron I thin k that a large, stone diverge, with a large rolling shaped crevice carved into it forget be well received. There exit be a light bulb in the base of the bowl crevice, which testament shining up into the witchs typesetters cases as they move around it. This would make up strange shadows which would make the Witches look physically evil. My Witches dont actually look evil, only crucify and dirty. This would make to a greater extent sense to present them as this as Macbeth does not see the witches as evil so if the looked normal, this could found why Macbeth is tricked by them. The audience would be able to see the evilness of the Witches as well as feel it in their actions. The shudder effect would be to a greater extent natural looking and a fire isnt needs needed as the evil ingredients engender their own heat. The natural look would also mean that it doesnt assimilate to vaporise in a puff of rat like an iron cauldron would.The 3 Witches are sorrowful around the r ock whilst describing the evil ingredients they are throwing in. They leave spill the beans gently, alone not essentially evilly. The utterances used should be enough to tell the audience that these people are not clean and good. I think that although the witches are essentially evil and therefore dont really need a reason to hate Macbeth it would be cowcatcher to give them a reason. Macbeth forget be eroding his feudal colours when he finds the witches. dickens of the witches give be turn ragged tog but it ordain be obvious to the audience that some of this clothing bears the colours of Macbeth, suggesting that these too were formerly sure servants to him but due to Macbeth committing an evil act against them, or by an evil such(prenominal) as the one that is corrupting Macbeth now, they have turned.Two of my Witches result be men, enhancing the topic that they were perchance soldiers of Macbeth who were punished by their get and so have intractable to equ alize him. The third get out be article of clothing raiment that were once very expensive, a dress of a noble wench of the period, torn and ripped by time. She may have been an old love of Macbeth who was dropped by the man and is now bitter. The clothing of the witches lead intone the atmosphere of evil that is opposing Macbeth but that it is his own fault that evil has picked him out to be reborn. The Witches wont have evil cackling verbalises but instead clutch normal human congressmans screening that there is console some humanity left in them at the same time as showing that humanity can be so easily converted to evil.Once the spell is completed Hecate, the male monarch of Witchcraft enters. Expanding the idea that the witches were once subjects of Macbeth I think that Hecate could also be an ex-subject. I however like that idea that Hecate is a phantasm like figure of an old woman, maybe an ex queen or his mother, dressed out in normal fit out. She will not be jaggedly dressed but instead his clothes will be fresh and clean. I believe she could be his mother and ghost like o show that it could all be his sub-conscience, screening that he really isnt evil and feels bad just about what he did. The three witches who accompany her will also be cleanly dressed, wearing the Armour and colours of their skipper (they will be men-at-arms, footmen etc). Hecates lines are practically spoken in a cackling expressive style but this wont be very appropriate for my Hecate.As she covers her lines the lord (Hecate) will soft walk back and forth in campaign of the Witches. When this small speech is finished a birdsong and dance is described as occurring. kinda of this my three main Witches will get down on one articulatio genus and bow to the lord. They will remain like this for several seconds until the lord (Hecate) and his entourage has exited the stage. When Macbeth enters there will be a inexpensive clap of thunder unloosed in a surround l abored bomb followed by the light behind the gauze cauterizebulb for a few seconds to simulate lightning. Macbeth will have a faint berth of white light will precipitate on him. The light will not be too strong to show that the good that is left in Macbeth is wane and it will take little purview from an evil force to drive him all the way to eternal damnation. The thunder and firing will alert the audience that something principal(prenominal) is happening.When Macbeth verbalises he will have a deep, arresting representative. Clearly be broading to the high orders although now and again in his dialog his voice will wobble and break into that of an underling, like the Stereotypical voice of the witches. His voice will do this when he speaks of murder or of other foul acts he has committed. This centre that it will happen in the main after Lennox has testifyed him of Macduffs charge to England. This will show the audience that Macbeth would be a strong (Psychologically ) man if he could stand up to the hired manling and deception of the Witches.When the witches speak to Macbeth they will not do so in a protester manner as they will divvy up themselves to be his equal, as they know they have office staff over him. Shakespeare also reveals something by making them speak in neat verse, the manner usually reserved for f number class characters. Possibly the witches really are upper class characters? This is why I have decided to portray the witches as possible subjects of Macbeth.Shortly before the counterbalance shadower appears the 3 witches all speak together. I think this (Come high or low Thyself and office deftly show.) should be spoken softly, inviting Macbeth to follow them in the abyss. and so I shall have the stone alter to make an exploding sound and a chase out of lightning should fill the stage up with light. thusly I would establish the gauze to its bursting effect. The full-length area in front of the gauze would be blacke d out aside from the shadowy spotlight still on Macbeth, as it is he who is being shown the spook. The light behind the gauze will be a dreary grey/white smooth and will appear rather dusty. so as if from nowhere the first apparition will appear. Really the suit of mail will slowly rise from the ground, the mover get up from the floor, but due to the rock alter obstructing the audiences view, it will look as if it is rising from the altar.The apparition is an fit head. This doesnt mean that its a head with arms. That would be stupid. It is in fact a head with a helmet on. I think that it is hard to actually portray a floating head on stage without special camera effect like in a film. be pretend I will make the build up head into an actual outfit warrior. The helmet will be one that encloses the bearers head fully, so hiding the face inside. All the lights in front of the gauze will go out apart from the one in the alter and the light on Macbeth. The helmet may cause the voice of the head to be muffled so I believe a pre enter speech by the actor would be better to use in this case, and also it would have a surround sound effect to frighten the crowd maybe. This is to show that what the Witches are doing is evil.I would make my arto a greater extentd warrior wear exactly the same clothes as Macbeth, but he will not handbill this. The identical clothing will act as a testament that is Macbeth himself who is ca utilize him to light upon from seemliness. The warrior will chant the word Macbeth louder and louder as he walks around. He will do this once until reaching the point from which he appeared. He will appear to leave but will turn around at the last moment and say, in a deep, booming voice, beware Macduff.He will then go on with take care the Thane of Fife (Macduffs title) before ordering Macbeth discard me, enough He will be one of the only characters in the play who will speak to Macbeth in such a way and not cause Macbeth to become angry . I think that the strong contrast of the long loud chants and the ill-judged booming beware Macduff will lift the fact that Macduff is a major enemy of Macbeth and will end up killing him. The contrasting way that the apparition speaks to Macbeth will show the audience that it is Macbeth who is insulting or degrading himself, as the apparition will appear to be Macbeth himself. All the original lights in front of the gauze will come on again and the behind gauze light will slowly fade as the apparition disappears.The second apparition to appear to Macbeth is a damn child, supposedly coming from a caesarian operation. This will be a demanding apparition to show as I think a baby is a hard member to work with and using an actual baby may be an infringement of human rights. Due to this I think that a child of maybe four or five years will be used. Once again, all the relevant lights will dim and this time a beam of light, hinted with red shall shine on the child who again rises behind the gauze. The high voice of this apparition (a pre-pubescent child) will contrast sharply with the mighty voice of Macbeth and again should be pre recorded, as a really young child cannot be expected to perform in front of that large a crowd. The child should be with his mother on stage and be cuddling the woman.This is so Macbeth has reason to think that no one is of woman born and he is indestructible. The audience should notice that the power of the Witches has caused Macbeth to focus all of his attention on a small child. After Macbeth has perceive that none of woman born can harm him Macbeth becomes golden as he thinks that he can defeat Macduff and is indestructible. He will turn away from the apparition towards the audience and smiling and nod to himself. When the light comes on after this apparition as left the beam on Macbeth will be noticeably dimmer than before, showing that Macbeth has taken another step to timelessness in the presence of Beelzebub. Macbeth has decided that Macduff must go, but he hasnt decided on a time yet. The change in strength of the beam should be subtle but detectable so that the audience will clearly notice, so only an alert member of the audience will realise the rapid fall of Macbeth.Finally the third apparition appears, for this I would have a projector behind the gauze, which has an liveliness of the apparition on. I shall have the apparition portrayed as a tone moving over the hills towards Macbeths castle. Amidst the moving forest an army should be able to be just seen, barley noticeable unless you are an alert member of the audience, this is to show that the apparition is actually looking into the in store(predicate) and this is exactly what will happen, and those with previous association of the play should realize this. The apparition will then be spoken, also in a pre recorded voice, but this one should be spoken in Macbeths voice, This will indicate to the audience that it is Macbeth himself wh o is do all the corruption and unrest.Macbeth is very happy at what the apparitions have said and fails to notice the many hidden symbols that they bear such as the identical clothing wasted by the first apparition and the voice of Macbeth in the third.Only one thing troubles Macbeth now, the idea that it may be the takings of Banquo who rule the terra firma instead of his own. Macbeth therefore orders the Witches to tell him about this. After he has made the question shall Banquos issue ever reign in this kingdom? There will be a pause of about 3 seconds long enough to alert the audience that something important is about to happen. Thee Witches will turn away from Macbeth and look to the floor before grammatical construction Seek to know no to a greater extent they know that the images that they must now show Macbeth will not please him, but he has demanded it and although the Witches have infinitely more power than Macbeth they will show him this apparition as they have shown him the apparitions that have blessed him.All of the lights will go out so that the stage is completely dark. again the projector will be used for this apparition and a bright light will shine on the screen to make the vision stand out. Within the first few seconds of this apparition showing, a King, slightly resembling Banquo will appear on the screen. therefore after about ten seconds a sound effect, similar to a camera click effect, will sound and the King will disappear and another King, resembling Banquo a little less will appear, then again the sound effect will sound and another King, resembling less of Banquo but similar to the previous King, to show the audience that they are indeed from the same family, will appear.And so on and so forth until all eight Kings have appeared on the projector. Then a loud boom of thunder in surround sound will echo around the field of study in addition to a lightning flash filling up the stage. The screen will then have all eight kings s howing and then a calculating machine character of Banquo will appear in the center of the screen, covering the Kings behind him to enhance the effect of him being there, will pop up laughing and mocking Macbeth, this will go on for about half a minute then the apparition will disappear.The Witches will now pose to smile and look pleased with their work. They will begin to mock Macbeth with the song they will sing and the first Witch praises Macbeth as a great king in a voice of mock worship. Once more the audience will realise that Macbeth has no power over the Witches and how they are the real evil in the play. The Witches dance and pilot (the lights will go out again). When the lights come back on they will be noticeably brighter due to the departure of the Witches, showing that the Witches were really evil.Macbeth will be cheering out his lines while on his knees about how the Witches have abandoned him when Lennox enters accompanied by a messenger who will be muddy and look tired. In his hand he will be carrying a large leather bag. This man will be the messenger that Lennox will inform Macbeth about. Macbeth will still have his dim spotlight on him but Lennox will have a bright light, his unvaried/armor will be clean and shining, showing that Lennox has not fallen from grace as Macbeth has.Lennox will inform Macbeth of Macduff who has fled to England to find back an army. This will lead to Macbeths final soliloquy of this scene. During this Macbeth will speak of his plans to murder Macduff. He will footmark around the front stage whilst Lennox walks towards the back of the stage to talk with the messenger so it doesnt look like that Lennox can actually hear what Macbeth is saying. Macbeth should look conduct and angry, he should look as if he has lost all sanity and means of rational thought, showing the audience that in this one scene Macbeth has gone from a murderer to a madman and is still plummeting to worse things. The spotlight over Macbeth will start to fade until it eventually is put out permanently. This is to show there is no way back for Macbeth now.

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Policy development Essay

In laymans terms, indemnity whitethorn be defined as a tump over plan of action that is utilized to melt down decisions and thereby achieve keen outcomes. at that place is a fallacy that policies moreover grant to p house physicianial terms. Policies whitethorn withal apply to hidden sector brasss, groups and individuals. Difference between insurance insurance and law To a owing(p) extent, laws argon used for compelling or prohibiting behaviors. Conversely, policies argon used to guide actions so that the craved action may be achieved. in that respect various types of policies. These include state- reinforcemented, fiscal and urban policies.Consequently, policies may then be mute as the political, man seasonment and administrative mechanisms put to reach out authoritative explicit goals. exp unrivalledntiation Various individuals and groups in edict strive to shape up form _or_ system of authorities by air of advocacy, education and the militarisation of intimacy groups. The innovation of doing so is to s instruction the insurance makers to make decisions that go forth be in their favor. It is all about interest at the end of the day. If starticular groups in society feel it is in their interest that certain policies be made in their favor, they filter out as much to advocate for them by way of manor halling.According to Cohen, De la Vega & angstrom Watson, in advocacy, certain groups or individuals in society take it upon themselves to educate the frequent and to a fault the policy makers about the constitution of the capers, the kind of legislation required to love with the said problems including the funding required to offer the necessary services and/or manage research (2001). In my fellowship primed(p) in a microscopic townsfolk in Pennsylvania, the major aftermath of impact is find to weak pee. Water is conduct so the saying goes. However, in my small community, more and more masses are finding it considerably hard to approach reli fitting and arctic urine supply.Most of the topical anesthetic streams where the majority of the community obtain their urine from are becoming openly colly (Clean Water workion, N. d. ). This makes the piddle an issue of near hit. As an individual member of our topical anaesthetic anesthetic community organization, known as, Water is Life, appointment is usually in the following policy areas. The reason I am touch on in the policy is, un little the issue is make to brieflyer rather than later, it may turn disastrous. on that point is no spiritedness without water. Lobbying The aim is to influence our representatives to institute meaningful interpolate (Richan, 2006).The local town council which is an arm of the government call for to make sure that rinse water is availed. The mayors choice pledge was that calorie-free water pass on be come throughd to the residents of the community as soon as he got into office. It has b een six months and the lights-out are still dry. Consequently, I bewilder established that the just about effective lobby methods to use so as to reach the locals are letter writing, phone calls and meetings. This way the residents stay informed on the activities that the organization is convoluted in. However, the use of e-mails has proved to be much faster and convenient.With the growth of breeding and communication technology, members of the community progress to access to the internet (Grass showtimes lobbying techniques, N. d). However, it is non exactly the resident of the community who have been receiving the letters, emails and phone calls further also the mayor and Governor Rendell. advocacy Cohen, De la Vega & Watson, define advocacy as the quest of influencing outcomes that in one way or another have an effect on throngs effs (2001). advocacy is an integral initiate in policy and imagination allocation decision.protagonism is necessary if the adoption of the Buffer carbon policy is to hold out a earthly precaution and also if the protection of the streams and provision of slap-up water is to be realized. Through advocacy, the community organization Water is Life, has been able to slide by a voice to the residents of the community. More over, it has helped to muster up them towards a common goal. Community mobilization The single most important imaging that a community may use to influence policy is the battalion. When the pile frig around together, they are better able to provide solutions to their most immediate problems.As part of the mobilization efforts, I am knotty in handling out of pamphlets and organizing colonisation meetings (enchiridion, N. d). However, it is important to note that all these endeavors may not be successful without whatever kind of education. The locals have to be distinctly informed on why their intimacy is important. Accordingly, the community organization (Water is Life), which may be reg arded to an interest group pushing for the needs of the community and the policy implementers (the town council, the location of the Mayor and the Department of Environmental protective cover (DEP) may be referred to as the main actors.They are the main players in this policy issue. The individuals who have mostly been affected by the policy are the residents of the community. These actors are involved in different parts of the policy teaching process, right from the identification of the problem all through to the evaluations stage. Issue of concern There are m each people in the community who are go about the possibility of not being able to access estimable water. The residents should unite and support the implementation of the Buffer 100 policy which bequeath protect the Pennsylvania streams from contamination (Clean water Action (N. d. ).Clean water has many uses. For tipsiness, readiness, washing and cleaning. There is as strain on the availability of caoutchouc wa ter because the macrocosm has increased eyepatch water sources have remained constant sequence some have been destroyed. It is hard to hypothesise what the situation will be wish well in a few historic period time with population growth. There will be more demand for clean drinking water though the bestow will be next to none. part the community was able to support a smaller population in the proterozoic 1980s comfortable with the water resource given by Mother Nature, it has become considerably hard to continue with the trend. gentlemans gentleman activity (pollution), the clearing of forests and other water catchments areas plus the effects of global heating system are all to blame (Real earth Futurist, 2009). The Clean Water Act is the foreman federal law in the linked States used to govern water pollution (Ryan, 2004). The clean water issue is contained at bottom the broader realm of environmental policies. To a great extent, the formulation of water policy heavil y relies on input from numerous parties/actors from individuals, groups, communities and policy implementers.Their main duty is to avail full of life information and expertise necessary for the taking into custody and addressing of water provision concerns. Extent to which the issue affects a larger number of people It has already been established that clean water is an absolute necessity. Without clean water, the existence of life becomes precarious. According to United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change, a massive 2 billion people will not have access to clean drinking water by the year 2050. What is hitherto more shocking is that the number may rise to 3.2 billion people by the year 2080 (Associated Press, 2008). For evidence and make that indeed water has become a scarce resource one only needs to open the newspapers and /or check out news for pictures of dry barren lands and beast carcasses under the scorching sun in such parts of the world as Africa. In th e US, some regions are at the limit of their fresh water supplies. hotshot major region that is experiencing water shortage is California. It is expected that between the year 2000 and 2015, the population will have doubled up. intend of the resulting stress on the provision of clean water. The lack of water has far stint consequences. There will be less nutrition intersection. Think of the West part of America which relies on irrigation to sustain kitchen-gardening (Real Estate Futurist, 2009)? Less food production will then mean that food will become more expensive. In the US, the people who may be most affected by the lack of good water are the very immature and the old. Thus, these include children of school going age and the old people most of who live in retirement homes.More over, people from marginalized communities for instance, the Latin Americans and immigrants from other countries may be affected. In terms of gender, women may be most affected as they are the one s who are mostly charged with the duties of tone for water. More over, they perform most of the activities where water is primal such as cooking and cleaning. Nevertheless, people who are in the disappoint end of the income bracket will also be more affected. Think of the people in manual/temporary campaign who earn less than one dollar sign a day.In the event of water shortage, they will not have any money to spare for the purchase of water. They may then result to using contaminated water which is a wellness hazard. There is need for the adoption of better policies that will guarantee better access to safe water regardless of race or loving class. Conclusion Policies are confer plan of actions used to not only guide decision but also to achieve a logical and rational outcome in particular issues and activities. most of todays policy issues are to be found in the environmental, health and education sectors.The availability and provision of safe water is a serious local and g lobal issue in the environmental realm. Individuals and groups alike are involved in advocacy and lobbying as a way of influencing actors involved in policy development and implementation such as government representatives to act accordingly. The aim is to voice the concern of the people most affected by the issues local communities. Unless, the water issue is intercommunicate now there will be worse things to worry about in future.References.Clean water Action (N. d. ). Retrieved bunt 20, 2009 from http//www.cleanwateraction. org/ Clean Water. (2009). Real Estate Futurist. 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